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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why use a mobile grooming service? (What is your time worth?)

A. Mobile grooming can benefit your pet in many ways. There is less stress on your pet, as they are in their own environment and do not have to go on a car trip or sit in cages for a long periods of time.
Older pets that are difficult to take to the salons can be 

at your home, as well as pets that do not like other animals and the stressful situation in most grooming shops. Also nervous pets benefit as their owners can be there with them. (Please note: Owner must remain outside of the van for liability reasons)

It is also less hassle for you because it allows you to be at home doing other things, yet give you the ability to be near your pet. Alternatively we can come directly to your office, or place of employment, and groom your pet while you work. Please note that you must be present at the location during the grooming process. Please allow plenty of time in your schedule to be present the whole time.

Q. What is a full service grooming?

A. A full service grooming includes:
      -Nails trimmed and filed
      -Ears cleaned of excess dirt and wax
      -Hair removal from pads and ears
      -Brush out & detangling 
      -Medicated bath if necessary (Please provide Shampoo from your Vet)
      -Skin and coat conditioner
      -Towel dry and warm air fluff drying 
      -Standard breed pet clip and scissor finish 
      -Sanitary trim
      -Expressing anal glands (when required)
      -Teeth brushing (optional upon request. You must provide the toothbrush for sanitary reasons) 

Q. What is the price for a full service grooming?

A. Price quotes by our office are based on the size and breed of your pet, and based on the information you provide. Final pricing is determined by the groomer based on your pets true size, hair type and condition, and the type of grooming you request. We cannot guarantee the pricing quoted over the phone until the pet is evaluated in person. Additional charges may also apply for pets that are difficult to groom, have extra-long hair, or are excessively matted. You will be informed by the groomer of any price changes prior to your pet being groomed.

Q. Does K-9 Kruiser offer any other services?

A. We can provide nail trims only appointments for your pets. (cats or dogs)
We can also perform a preventative Flea and Tick bathing and much more.....
Please call to inquire about any additional services.

Q. Does K-9 Kruiser require an electrical connection at my home?

A. Yes, we require an electrical outlet to plug into at your house. You do not need to provide electrical cord. We choose not to use on-board generators as they are noisy and emit fumes that are unhealthy for both the groomer and your pets. Your neighbors will appreciate it too!

Q. What is the water source?

A. Our vans are equipped with a fresh water tank. We never use brown or recycled water for bathing your pets. The water is heated so the pets will have a very comfortable bath. Winter or Summer, the water is always a comfortable temperature.

Q. When you encounter aggressive dogs or cats, do you use tranquilizers?

A. No, we never use any type of tranquilizers or drugs. If a sedative is needed for your pet, please consult your veterinarian as to what's best to use for your pet if needed.  We may use a muzzle when required to protect both the groomer and your pet.

Q. My dog has very knotted fur, how do you deal with that?

A. In these cases, we evaluate which is the best remedy; whether it is necessary to shave the knots or whether they can be de-tangled in order to salvage the length of the fur. In many cases it will be necessary to shave the matting out. It can be very painful for the animal to try and brush them out. Excessive Matting will result in an added service charge (between $10 and $20) depending on the extra time required.

Q. What if My pet has Ticks or Fleas?

A. We do not make grooming appointments for pets that have Ticks or Fleas. If we find your pet has these types of parasite's, we will have to charge an additional $50 fee to complete the grooming. This is because after we groom your pet we have to thoroughly sanitize the van afterwards to prevent our other clients pets from coming in contact with them and becoming infested. Please ensure your pet has been ridden of any fleas or ticks at the time you make an appointment. If you know your pet has fleas or ticks you should seek medical attention/advice for it by a veterinary professional before having them groomed. Our flea and tick bathing service is only a preventative treatment. It is not intended to be used in cases where the pet is already affected, because it's usually not that affective after the fact.

Q. What are your service areas?

A. We currently service most areas of Tucson, Oro Valley, Catalina, Saddlebrooke, New Marana and some of Old Marana. We provide service to Picture Rocks and Rita Ranch on a limited basis only. We are not currently servicing Vail, Corona de Tucson, Sahuarita, Green Valley, Three Points, or Ryan's Air Field areas.

Q. What are your Grooming hours of operation?

A. We offer appointments 6 days a week, Monday thru Saturday, Most weeks with a few exceptions. We are closed on major holidays. Appointment times range from 8am - 5pm. in the Fall & Winter months, and 7am - 5pm in the Spring & Summer months. Summer operations are varied when very "High Temperature" conditions exist in the summer. Please understand, we must consider both your pet and the groomer's safety during these conditions.

Q. What type of payment do you accept?

A. We accept Cash or Checks for payment, as well as Credit or Debit Cards with

a service fee of approximately 3% added to the charge.

Q. Why do I get the answering machine when I call during the day?

A. Our office is not staffed all day like other types of business. If we are away from the phone, we will return your calls Monday thru Friday in the daytime hours (typically between 10:00 am- 4:00pm). During the week, we will always attempt to return your call in the same day, or first thing the next day. If you do not receive a call back within 24 hours, please call again in case your message was not received. Although the office is closed Saturday and Sunday, you may leave a message and we will return calls the following Monday.

Q. How far in advance is necessary to book an appointment?
A. Yes, you need to schedule an appointment in advance. In general, usually 1 to 2 weeks ahead. We can accommodate scheduling your pet for recurring appointments at your requested interval. Example; Every 6 to 8 weeks. We do get last minute cancellations, however, and we keep a rolling cancellation request list, so feel free to give us a call and get on the list, or check our availability!

Q. What is your refund policy

A. We do provide a refund if you are not satisfied with the grooming that was performed on your pet. However, the request for a refund must be made within 24 hours from the time the grooming was done. Any requests after that time can not be refunded. We strongly recommend that you examine your pet right after the grooming is finished. Many of your concerns can be handled right away before the groomer leaves your home.

Q. What if my pet is not cooperative or becomes unruly

A. If your pet will not cooperate with the grooming process to the point that the groomer feels the pet is becoming too stressed or simply becomes uncontrollable, the groomer will halt the grooming, or cut it short and return them to you for it's safety. We take every precaution to avoid any harm to the pet. Some pets react negatively to the equipment being used in the grooming process, such as the clippers, dryer, or having their nails trimmed. If the pet is not cooperative with the grooming process and becomes stressed or uncontrollable, it is not the fault of the groomer if the process can not be completed. If this occurs, you will only be charged a $25 service fee for the appointment.