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Mobile Pet Grooming Tucson, AZ

Locally Owned and Operated in Tucson Since 1999

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Nail Trimming & Ear Cleaning

 We will trim and file the nails. Filing after the trim prevent splintering and damage to the nails. Ears are cleaned of excess wax, grime, and excess hair.

We have been recommended by several veterinary care facilities around the Tucson area including:

Suffork Hills Pet Clinic

Northwest Pet Clinic

Southern Arizona Veterinary Specialties & Emergency Center

​Catalina Pet Hospital

and more.....

We work with Dr. John Heller of Homeward Bound Veterinary Services who provides house calls for grooming special needs pets.


 We use hypo-allergenic and oatmeal shampoo for sensitive skin, whitening shampoo for white coats, flea and tick shampoo, and detangling conditioners. Others upon request.


 We have all the right tools for the job. Just explain the cut you prefer with the professional groomer that arrives to groom your pet.

K-9 Kruiser, LLC is a locally owned and operated mobile pet grooming service and has been an entity in Tucson since 1999. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and provide only the very best care for your beloved pets. Please explore the site and feel free to call us with any further questions about our services, and to schedule an appointment.


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SPECIAL REQUESTS: If you have a special request, don't hesitate to ask!

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Scheduling Office Hours:

  • 9am to 3pm Monday thru Saturday

Grooming days:

  • 6 days a week (Mon-Sat) except holidays.

Appointments times:

  • (7am to 4 pm May thru September)
  • (8am to 3pm October thru April)

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To provide the best grooming experience for both our clients and their pets.

Towel & Blow Dry

We always use fresh clean towels for each animal. Blow drying the animal while brushing is an effective way of de-sheading.


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